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Product Price
Woven Wraps $150 – $270
Ring Slings $130
Full WC Onbuhimo $265
Half WC Onbuhimo $225
Full WC SSC $275
Half WC SSC $235
Throw Blanket $120
Simple Scarf $34.99
Infinity Scarf $39.99
Doll Sling $34.99
Simple Tote Bag 24.99
Yardage $39 per 23 inch wide meter

Our wraps measure approximately 29.5 inches wide, post wash, and have a 7 inch taper on each short end. The lengths vary by size and may be found below.

Wrap Size Wrap Length
2 2.7 meters
3 3.2 meters
4 3.7 meters
5 4.2 meters
6 4.7 meters
7 5.2 meters
8 5.7 meters
9 6.2 meters
10 6.7 meters
11 7.2 meters
12 7.7 meters
13 8.2 meters
14 8.7 meters

The size that is right for you depends on the carry styles you will be using, your height/weight, experience, and personal preference. We recommend using your base size as a starting point to determine the wrap size you want.

Your base size is the size that you need to do a FWCC. Once you know your base size, to determine what size wrap you would need to do other carries, find the carry name on the left, then look to see what size is listed for that carry under the column heading for your particular base size. For example, if your base size is 6, then to do a Reinforced Ruck, you need at least a size 4. The size chart indicates the minimum size needed to accomplish each carry. When a carry is done with a longer wrap than the size indicated on the chart, you will be left with longer tails, so please take care to avoid tripping by securing the tails away from your feet and legs.

Click on the carry names at the left to learn more about each carry style.

Base Size234567891011121314
Wiggleproof Back Carry3456789101112131415
Front Cross Carry234567891011121314
Front Wrap Cross Carry234567891011121314
Hip Wrap Cross Carry234567891011121314
Back Wrap Cross Carry234567891011121314
Back Wrap Cross Carry with Ruck Straps*2345678910111213
Secure High Back Carry*2345678910111213
Short Cross Carry**23456789101112
Reinforced Ruck**23456789101112
Hip Cross Carry***234567891011
Reinforced Rear Ruck TAS****2345678910
Traditional Sling Carry*****23456789
*If no size is listed, you can use a 2 for this carry, but will be left with longer tails. Take care to avoid tripping by securing the tails away from your feet and legs.

More information about base sizing can be found at Wearing Wiki. Consult your local chapter of Babywearing International if you need further assistance picking the right size for your needs.

Shiny Star Designs, LLC produces wrap converted baby carriers and accessories. They are a family business, owned and operated by a work-at-home-mom and her military spouse. They contract other WAHMs and veterans to complete their sewing.

For more information, please visit the Shiny Star Designs website.


Infant 14" x 14"
Standard 16" x 16"
In Between 17" x 18"
Toddler 19" x 19"
Preschool 21" x 21"


Infant seat 13" height 19"
Standard seat 16" height 21"
Toddler seat 19" height 25"
Preschool seat 21" height 27"

Shiny Star Designs ring slings measure approximately 29.5 inches wide and can be ordered with a gathered or seraphina (cascading pleat) shoulder.


Our ring slings measure approximately 29.5 inches wide. Choose from a gathered or Seraphina (Shiny Star Designs original design) shoulder. The Seraphina shoulder is a cascading pleat that hugs the shoulder like no other! Wear the rings higher up to keep the shoulder more narrow or move the rings down a little to maximize your spread!

XS 65"
S 69"
M 79"
L 89"
XL 100"

Our throw blankets are approximately 53 inches wide and 69.5 inches long, post wash.

Our simple scarves are approximately 22.5 inches wide and 69.5 inches long.
Our infinity scarves are approximately 23 inches wide and 70 inches long before hemming. They are then sewn into a Möbius band.

Our single layer simple tote bags are approximately 14 inches wide and 16 inches tall.

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We ship via USPS Priority mail Flat Rate shipping for tracked, insured, and speedy service. For international orders, First Class Package International Service™ and Global Express Guaranteed® may also be available.

At this time, products made from our woven material must ship separately from other merchandise.

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