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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 4 in

Design Info & Fabric Content

BE You, the official wrap design of IBC 2018, is a 100% cotton wrap featuring a repeating pattern of 29 inclusive circled icons along with the words “Be…” and “Be You.”

  • Nine representations of types of family units
    • Man + Woman + Child
    • Woman + Woman + Child
    • Man + Man + Child
    • Woman + Child
    • Man + Child
    • Gender Neutral + Gender Neutral + Child
    • Gender Neutral + Woman + Child
    • Gender Neutral + Man + Child
    • Gender Neutral + Child
  • Four community symbols
    • Adoption symbol
    • Transgender symbol
    • Polyamorous symbol
    • Accessibility symbol
  • Sixteen parenting choices
    • Chestfeeding symbol
    • Baby bottle
    • Milk pump
    • Caregiver nursing with an SNS
    • Briefcase to represent caregivers who work outside of the home
    • House with a caregiver and a child to represent at-home caregivers
    • House with a briefcase inside to represent work-at-home caregivers
    • Disposable diaper
    • Cloth diaper
    • Big bed with tiny bed next to it (to represent cosleeping)
    • Two beds with a vertical line (to represent a multi-room sleep arrangement)
    • A large bed with three pillows (to represent bed sharing)
    • Stroller
    • Babywearing icon
    • Babywearing ring sling
    • Babywearing carrier with straps (to represent both a buckle carrier and a carrier with straps that tie instead of buckle)

Wearing the littles, representing your fandom, the Carry On, Baby business. Inspired by your favorite hunters, this fabric features hand drawn art fit for use in any salt circle. One side features black designs on a white background. Wear the other side out when shooting selfies and the white designs on a black background will be reversed!

Looking the perfect fabric to bring on all your adventures? Show off your love of polyhedral dice in style with brightly colored die scattered across a black warp. On a scale of 1 to 10, Critical Hit is a natural 20!

Boldly go where no fabric has gone before with color blocks on one side and a tricolor pattern on the other. Do you rock gold, red, or blue? Are you commanding, have a knack for operations, or possess science and medical skills? Do you love black warps? Whatever your allegiance, this fabric will complement your style.

Go clueing for looks in style. This fabric is woven with a beautiful brown on a creamy background, perfect for blending in when you’re on the case!

This stunning 100% cotton wrap will have you and your little wizard saying “Accio wrap!” on a regular basis! Woven so the right side displays our hand drawn art, the wrong side is like looking into the Mirror of Erised: everything you’ve ever wished for in a wrap, just in reverse.

Hello sweetie! This delightfully grippy 100% cotton fabric is woven so the right side displays our hand drawn art along with some fantastic show references in soft white on a bright blue background. At approximately 285 gsm, Spoilers is a durable, medium weight fabric.

Time to run, you clever caregiver, and remember this wrap!

Onbuhimo Sizes


Infant seat 13" height 19"
Standard seat 16" height 21"
Toddler seat 19" height 25"
Preschool seat 21" height 27"

Conversion by Shiny Star Designs, LLC

Shiny Star Designs, LLC produces wrap converted baby carriers and accessories. They are a family business, owned and operated by a work-at-home-mom and her military spouse. They contract other WAHMs and veterans to complete their sewing.

For more information, please visit the Shiny Star Designs website.


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